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Check out the latest videos from Beyond the Pew on Youtube! ...
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#Winning at Parenthood

Not long ago, I was asked by a neighbor friend of mine to watch her 4 year old for a ...
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Does It Draw You Closer To or Further Away from God?

My “go-to” question is always: Does it draw you (me, us) closer to or further away from God?   Recently, ...
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Who Do Your Kids See You As?

God’s creation set the stage for an adventure in daydreaming: blue skies, cool breeze, and a sunny bright day. Before ...
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hiatus, spanish beyond the pew

Beyond the Pew Hiatus

The Beyond the Pew team is sad that we have not been able to consistently produce videos important for Catholic ...
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liturgy of the word, mass, alyssa trutter, beyond the pew, scripture, catholic

The Liturgy of the Word

Welcome back to Beyond the Pew. As we continue in this series on the Mass, today we're going to be ...
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why do I go to mass, beyond the pew, family, parenting, catholic

Why Do I Go to Mass?

In this video, Matt Rice talks about our Sunday obligation. How does Sunday Mass make you & your family feel? ...
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imaginative prayer with scripture, alyssa trutter, beyond the pew

Imaginative Prayer with Scripture

Alyssa Trutter is back with Beyond the Pew, and this week she talks about one of her favorite ways to ...
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how to start a family bible study

How to Start a Family Bible Study

Sometimes the Bible can be intimidating at a glance, but with the right tools & resources, your family can receive ...
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new testament, gospels, scripture, bible

Start Reading the New Testament

The New Testament of the Bible is the history of our Church. But how much of it have you read? ...
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